Value Propositions for B2B Companies

Many clients in the business-to-business arena need to extend their brand’s Dominant Selling Idea into a set of value propositions that sales people can use when meeting with customers and prospects.

Turning your positioning into a selling tool

A value proposition is designed to convince customers that your product or service will add more value or solve a problem better than any competitor. Value propositions can also be created for specific sales channels and customer segments. We have a focused, 1-2 week “work shop” that delivers differentiated propositions for your sales team to take to market immediately.

The Work Shop:

1. Preparation

Gives key participants background and a quick value proposition “calibrator” with definitions, template, examples and homework to kick-start the workshop. Through a series of exercises, all elements of the value proposition will be identified and narrowed down to the most critical and differentiating statements of value.

2. Refinement

Output from the workshop is used to develop the most persuasive value proposition, complete with supporting concepts and ideas—in specific language that provides the best expression.

3. Customer Validation (Optional)

The refined value propositions are exposed to customers in one-on-one interviews or focus groups. This step not only validates the critical “voice of the customer,” it allows testing of alternate language and terms for highest impact.