Brand Activation

We launch your brand idea in the minds of your employees and customers, converting it from a brand “in waiting” to a brand in action.

Internal Communications — One Direction, One Voice

At David ID, we know that brand transformation requires your own people to buy in–long before it can be bought by anyone outside the company. Once your brand platform is complete, our key next step is to guide you in the process of “internal sales.” Internal communications plans are a micro-version of the external plan–with promotion, sales presentations, materials and incentives all part of the mix. This is where we enable employees to “eat, sleep and breathe” the brand.

Launch Marketing Communications

Given our deep background in advertising and marketing communications, we manage the creative execution of advertising and launch collateral, website development, media placement and marketing management to ensure that all initial communications are on strategy, on budget and on time.

Sales Integration

Sales integration is one of the least practiced, but most important features in any successful marketing program. At David ID, we know that the most successful businesses have the very least separation between marketing and sales. Coordinating sales materials, pitch content, collateral and sales channel interaction at all key points is a critical part of the communications system, and a key service we provide.