Verbal Identity

Our goal is to increase the perceived value of your brand so you can attract more customers, achieve higher levels of customer loyalty, and earn higher profits.

Dominant Selling Idea Tagline

Designed to be a precision selling tool, it is the catalyst for your Dominant Selling Idea, infusing your name or logo with selling power on sight. The DSI Tagline turns any place your name appears into an instant selling opportunity.

Every David ID DSI Tag must pass the following tests:

  • It must directly state, or specifically support the DSI
  • It must be ownable— another product couldn’t substitute their name for yours and say the same tag line
  • It must be evocative, colorful or phonetically memorable

Brand Story

A narrative brief that consolidates all your key themes and language, based on positioning, DSI and Naming. It gives the power of consistency to every communication. A great brand story can be easily crafted into your company’s “elevator pitch,” an executive summary of your differentiating values that every employee can learn and recite by heart. It’s the focus of all communications going forward.