Brand Strategy and Positioning

Every brand has an “opportunity in waiting—” the chance to be perceived as #1 in some desirable specialty. Strategy points you there like navigation points a ship. Positioning reserves that opportunity as your own. Your Dominant Selling Idea is positioning sharpened to its most penetrating, effective point in the target’s mind.

Research & Discovery

Strategy starts with R&D that answers the basic questions: Exactly where are you starting from, internally and externally? Who is the real competition and how are they positioned? As entrepreneurs, we also know that long, complex research is a luxury that not every brand can afford. We make R&D an efficient, common sense practice that balances qualitative interviews with the power of quantitative when necessary.

Brand Positioning

With strategy pointing at your market opportunity, positioning prepares you for ownership of a unique idea. At David ID, we take it one more step: we sharpen your position into a Dominant Selling Idea.

Here is our process …

Base Category

Step one defines your base category: your latitude and longitude on the imaginary grid in your target’s mind. This choice determines who you are, what you do, where you fit and how you are relevant.

The Specialty You Will Be #1 In

Step two sets you up for an own-able position by attaching the one most important benefit/attribute to the base category. This becomes your unique specialty. To claim a dominant place in the target’s mind, you must be the “gold medal winner” — #1 in a specialty, even if you have to invent a new one as successful challengers often do.

Dominant Selling Idea

Step three turns the strategic set of words which describe your position into a single, simple idea that moves people. We call it your Dominant Selling Idea (DSI). It is literally the fusion of your unique name with the specialty you are #1 in — branding’s single most important moment