What I Didn’t Know Could Fill a Book

What if youth wasn’t wasted on the young…?

It began as a father’s middle-of-the-night fear: One son leaving for college, two more close behind—the nagging feeling that for all his success as a high powered CEO, husband, provider–he was about to fail his biggest mission: the chance to give his sons what his successful father never had time to give him… What if you could give life’s wisdom to your children, thirty years ahead of time? If you captured the lessons of living, loving, career building, winning and losing–the one’s it takes a successful man thirty years to learn—and offered it all to your sons, how would their lives be different? How would yours be different? The Answer filled this book… Carl Nichols turned on his night light and began writing a letter to his sons. The result is in your hands. In the practical, informal style of a dad who is also a professional communicator, Carl tells you…

  • How to discover what you really want to do
  • How to succeed with people in business
  • How to create the brand YOU in an increasingly competitive world
  • How to find and live with your soul mate
  • How to lead, how to follow, how to create, how to negotiate
and so much more

“This book taught me as much about my own life and career as it did for my kids. We’ve all been there, done that… but not the way Carl explains it.”

-Eric Jacobsen
CEO, Dolphin Worldwide