July 24, 2011#

AT&T’s Don’t Drive and Text Campaign

In business and marketing, sometimes the right thing to do is simply the right thing to do.

Witness AT&T’s Driver Awareness Campaign which attempts to raise awareness of the dangers of driving and texting.

Like Budweiser’s Don’t Drink and Drive campaign, AT&T isn’t likely to see a lift in business as a result of their public service effort, or to achieve a measurable ROI on its marketing investment, at least not in the near-term, but it will raise awareness of the dangers of driving and texting, and help save lives.

Consumers increasingly expect companies to take responsibility for making society a better place.   The new consumer sensibility is that if companies are going to earn our money they need to give something back in return.

Cynical companies will give back as a vehicle primarily to promote their business.

Others, like AT&T and Budweiser, will take genuine responsibility for society’s ails that they inadvertently have a hand in causing simply because it’s the right thing to do.  In the process, they stand a better chance of earning our trust and respect, and maybe, too, a little more of our wallet in the process