January 18, 2011#

Can the Apple Brand Survive Without Steven Jobs?

As technology visionary and marketing impresario Steve Jobs  steps aside to deal with his on-going health challenges, the question once again arises:  can the Apple brand be as strong without him?

The answer is an unequivocal yes.  Steve Jobs defines Apple’s brand.  But Steve Jobs in not the Apple brand.

The company is now bigger than the man.  As long it remains true to its founder’s vision of world changing transformational innovation and delivers on it, always staying one step ahead of the competition, it will continue to inspire extraordinary trust and loyalty among its customers.

Ultimately, as long as the company remains committed to living  its founder’s defining core value, whether he remains at the helm or not, Apple will continue to thrive.  What is this core value?  Ten years ago, Mr. Jobs beautifully defined it in front of an audience as follows :

“We’re not about making boxes so people can get their jobs done . . . We believe people with passion can change the world for the better.”