September 13, 2014#

Apple Launches New Naming Convention

With the launch of its Pay mobile payments platform and Watch smartwatch , Apple has also introduced a new naming convention. Rather than continuing with the “i” prefix for each product descriptor, they have opted to brand these new products with the Apple name.

From a branding standpoint, this makes good sense.

First, the use of “i” is starting to seem a bit dated. It was initially intended to stand for “internet”, and to suggest that it was easy to connect to the Internet with Apple’s internet-ready products. Perhaps, too, it stood for “me”, as in Apple’s products are designed to work for each of us as individuals.   But these notions are now the ubiquitous reality of “the internet of all things”. Everything is internet, everything is me.

Second, Apple’s goal with each new product introduction is to sell the Apple family that together form one big happy, interconnected platform. Against this objective, it’s more compelling to brand the family “Apple” than “i”.

And last, with the launch of a mobile payment platform and smartwatch, Apple is entering into product areas of great interest to their main competitor, Google. Tapping into the strong equities inherent in Apple’s brand name will be of significant value as they battle head-to-head.