May 26, 2009#

Cheap Chic

In this recession, cheap is the new chic.  But people don’t just want cheap. They also want style. 

In the new world of branding, Cheap Chic is the new point of brand distinction.  

Perhaps no other retailer pioneered this concept better than Target, which combined low costs with high design. 

More recently, Kia Motors, long known for its cheap cars, has recently added new design elements that are improving its brand image and market share.

And a cross continent flight on Virgin America at around $200 doesn’t come much cheaper.  But the experience is anything but.  The cool, pulsing techno music, the soft, clubby, purple lighting, the good looking flight crew adorned in smart flight outfits, all add up to an inexpensive, highly stylized experience.

Consumers want low prices, more than ever.  But they want it with style.